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Altar Guild
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All Hallows Ministries
  Young parishioners starting around age nine may begin training to be an Acolyte. Their training includes the lighting and extinguishing of candles; postures when standing, sitting, and kneeling; the handling of the processional cross; and the procedure of serving the celebrant or the deacon when he prepares the Table for Holy Communion. A Head Acolyte mentors his fellow acolytes and assists at their training sessions. It is an honor and a privilege for a young person, or any lay person, to participate in the presentation of the weekly services and to serve in this special ministry to our Parish. Acolytes usually serve at either the 8:00 or 10:30 services on a rotating basis.
  If you are interested in becoming an acolyte, contact the All Hallows Parish Office.

Our Outreach ministries include the Food Pantry, Redeemer Quilters, Yarn Ministry, and other special outreach opportunities throughout the year.
  The Altar Guild members are charged with the care of the church buildings, and decoration of the church and preparation of the altar for all worship and special services.  Members care for the altar linens and vestments, communion elements and vessels.  Teams of two or three serve for one month each quarter.   For information on joining the Altar Guild, contact the Parish Office.  
  Ushers/Greeters serve the Parish by helping to introduce visitors to All Hallows. Ushers make visitors feel welcome and comfortable enough to return and become members of our Parish. Many couples enjoy ushering together, and there are many teams of friends. Ushering is conducted at both the Chapel and the Brick Church. Ushering is a great way to get to meet fellow parishioners, so if you are interested in becoming an usher, contact the Parish Office.  
  The Parish Youth Group meets periodically and is very active with projects, both beneficial to the community, and simply for having fun and fellowship. They have raised money to support the Heifer Project which provides livestock to help feed the people of under-developed countries.  They help in Parish projects to clean up the Church and Chapel yards and cemeteries.  They also have fun events such as: skiing, tubing, trips to amusement parks, bowling, going to the movies, and sailing. Other events have included hayrides and field trips .
  For more information on the Youth Group, contact the Parish Office.

Ministry Reimbursement Form
If you had received an invoice from a vendor or if you require personal reimbursement for supporting one of All Hallows ministries, use this form to process your request through our Parish Office.  Submit the completed form to the Parish Administrator at the Parish House.  Be sure to include the invoice and/or receipts with your form.  Thanks for your hard work supporting All Hallows Parish!