All Hallows Parish
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Welcome to our Parish!

This page contains links to other pages on this site, or to different informative brochures about All Hallows Parish and the Episcopal Church. Click on the red text to activate a link.

We hope you find this information useful and enlightening!

Service Information and Times - about services at the Chapel and Brick Church

All About Us - what All Hallows Parish is all about

What We Do - summary of some of the Parish activities

About our Staff - information about the staff at All Hallows Parish

Communion at All Hallows - a guide on recieving the sacrament of communion

Children in Church - A guide for parents and the Assembly

Opportunities to Make a Difference - how you can become involved at All Hallows

About the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion - the basics of what the church stands for and what to expect at a service

A short four minute "Welcome" video
- Rev. Chris Yaw's video deals with the particular penchant Episcopalians have to welcome all people.

What is Anglican Christianity? Anglican Christianity consists of churches with historical ties to the Church of England.

How to Join Us-Steps to becoming a member of All Hallows’ are explained.